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Science and Society awareness contest 2012

The Centre for Science and Society announces the institution of "BEST SCIENCE & SOCIETY AWARENESS CHILD AWARD" for 2 School children. It is intended that this would become an annual event.

The activity is aimed to promote enthusiasm and interest among school children in matters relating to Science and Society & aims to recognize merit and reward the children with high awareness on the role played by Science in Society.

The best SCIENCE AND SOCIETY AWARENESS Children will be selected by a combination of a Written Test and an Oral Contest. The written test will have 50 questions on matters relating to Science and Society requiring the child to select the correct reply for each question from a choice of 4 answers, within 60 minutes. Best eight children (4 Boys and 4 Girls) will be selected for the Oral contest. The oral contest will require the contesting children to write and then read out or speak on a topic chosen from a list of topics given one hour before. Guidelines on the list of topics would be given to the contestants well before the Oral Contest. Maximum time for oral presentation will be 3 minutes. Two best children (1 Boy and 1 Girl), based on the combined performances in Oral Presentation and Written test, will be selected for awards, by a panel of Judges who are renowned in the fields of Physical and Social Sciences. The decision of Panel of Judges will be full and final.

The written test will be conducted during the first two weeks of September in Ahmedabad. Exact date and venue will be communicated to the contestants. The Oral Contest will be conducted in the afternoon of same day. The Award function will be held in the last week of September. Professor Bimla Buti, President of Buti foundation and Director of Centre for Science and Society will deliver a talk on Nobel Laureate Professor S. Chandrasekhar: His Life and Scientific Works and will present awards to the winners of the Contest.

Prior Registration by Electronic mail is required. Interested Contestant should send the Name, Email ID, School's name and Class of study to cssahmedabad@gmail.com on or before August 31, 2012. All correspondence will be sent by email. Nominations through Schools are welcome and preferred. Contestants shall present a valid Proof of Photo Identity while appearing for Written Contest – A Certificate from Principal or Authorized Person of the School with Photograph attested OR the School Identity Card with photograph.

The Written Test will be in English. The selection of Language (English / Hindi / Gujarati) in Oral Contest will be left to the contestant.

THE AWARD : The winners of the contest will receive a shield. The shield will have the encryption of "BEST SCIENCE AND SOCIETY AWARENESS CHILD". The Shield will also bear the winner's Name, Year of Award, Logo of Centre for Science and Society. All the Oral Level contestants will receive a Certificate of Merit.

For more information, you may write to Ms Veena Ramani, Executive Director, Centre for Science and Society cssahmedabad@gmail.com

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